The Iowa X Project

A GLOBAL initiative to regenerate agriculture and OUR socio-eco-polity future that starts in the Midwest…USA
The goal of the IOWA XPROJECT is to be a model for the future of agriculture, and regenerative living. It has built into it a “domino effect” that will regenerate the health of our nation and our socio-eco-polity systems. We chose Iowa because it was recently determined by the US News and World Report to be the best state in the nation to live in, based on a variety of criteria. And Iowa has a goal to be the healthiest state in the nation. But the state’s water quality, addiction to industrialized agriculture, animal confinement farms, and on-going erosion of precious topsoil has made Iowa Ground Zero for a model of REGENERATIVE change.
For the past 100 years Iowa has led the world in agriculture and is preparing to take the lead for the next 100 years. We intend to do this by making it an urban and rural issue and recruiting both city dwellers and rural farmers as activists. Urban Iowa needs to know how its food is being grown, what is its nutritional quality, and where it is coming from? We all need to know the “altered science” behind GMO foods, and understand that “cheap food” is not cheap and may be causing degenerative health challenges for our families and communities. If our food is our medicine, then good food and good agricultural policy can no longer be relegated to politicians and industrial aggregators.
As consumers we need to vote with our pocket books, and as citizens we need to have our voices and values heard by those who represent us in “true” democratized governance and political systems. We need to be informed of how our food is produced and know whether or not the collective food chain is selling us good medicine. Agriculture and our food growing systems are key intervention and leverage points that can lead to regenerating the social, economic and environmental health of our cities and towns, as well as regenerating the health and future of our world. Everything is connected.
The XProject is based on three sets of seven core principles:

Iowa’s 7 Regeneration Securities

  1. Water: Safe Drinking Water; Clean Rivers, Lakes and Natural Waterways;
  2. Food/Soil/Agriculture: Healthy (Nutrient Dense) Food/Soils, and Regenerative Agriculture for Systemic and Optimal Management of Nature and Carbon Sequestration;
  3. Regenerative Health/Wellness/Well-Being: Health Care Reframed to focus on Self Care. In Support of Iowa’s Healthiest State Initiative we will feature Clean Water and Nutrient Dense Foods that are Regeneratively Grown and Free of Chemicals and Toxins;
  4. 21stCentury Education and Knowledge Sharing Communities: Informed and Connected, Knowledge Sharing Citizens Engaged in building Genius and Intelligence that will lead to Action and Positive Impacts;
  5. Energy that is Renewable: Yellow (Solar and Sun) Green (Renewable) and Blue (Wind driven) Energy.
  6. Climate and Air: Drawing Down Carbon from our atmosphere and the building of Zero Carbon Footprints
  7. Representative Governance: Digital Democracy – Changing the future of democracy in Iowa from the bottom-up by educating our citizenry on issues and policies, and identifying the Values and Will of the People.

Iowa’s 7 Regeneration Systems

  1. The Healthiest State Challenge to show our States and Nation the Way to Health, and how to Recapitalize our Communities, and States with Billions of Saved Health Care Dollars.
  2. A Regenerative Food and Agriculture System to Exponentially Build Robust, and Livable Communities in Iowa, the Midwest, US, and around the World.
  3. Networked Improvement Communities (NICs) for Knowledge Sharing, Tech/Skill/Dev., and Eco/Dev. (Economic-Ecology) that includes a Blueprint for Scaling Community Behavior Change and Transforming the Relationship between the People and the Planet.
  4. The Regenerative Capital Movement for Community and State Wealth Building.
  5. Regeneration International, Midwest and Regen Network for Data Collection and Blockchain Funding.
  6. A Grand Iowa Collaboration of 100 organizations, foundations, government agencies, and Community Leaders.
  7. MiVoice IOWA and Midwest – A Democratization model for our Communities/States/Nation.

Iowa’s 7 Regeneration Systems

  1. Raise a $100 Million Starter Fund to transform the Socio-Eco-Agri-Culture of Iowa and the Midwest.
  2. Launch the Healthiest State Challenge Midwest and enroll Citizen Science and EntreHealthPreneurs.
  3. Launch 21stCentury NICsto help Iowa become the Healthiest State in the Nation.
  4. Engage Community Action for Impact and Behavior Change with
  5.  Support HERO Teachers, Moms, Farmers, and Local/State Governance/Policy Makers in NICs.
  6. Inspire Dream Teams and Community Moonshot Missions with MTP (Massive Transformative Purposes).
  7. Collaborate with Iowa Healthiest State and exponentially advance Wellmarks Healthy Home Towns.
Starting 7.28.2018 we will be Solving for X with the intent of: Cleaning up our water resources; rebuilding our soils and applying regenerative agricultural practices across our state; making Iowa the healthiest in the nation; building technologically advanced k-12/higher ed./Lifelong Learning Communities; advancing our leadership in renewable energy; and building robust rural and urban economies for improved quality of life, and MORE!
To address and solve our state’s and nation’s problems, our strategy uses 3 aspects to assure our success.
  1. Identify a huge problem(s) that allows for a diverse group of people of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences to participate.
  2. Look for and consider all concrete solutions that could make a radical impact.
  3. Be open to and open-source Common Sense and breakthrough thinking (Uncommon Intelligence) science, and technology that enables a variety of solutions to be created.
The goal is to make the SOLVING for X strategy, engaging, collaborative and personal to participants, community leaders, and innovators across the state, and in Knowledge Sharing Communities, connect the intelligence gained for Xponential Development (10-100X).
More about the Iowa XProject, and Regeneration Nation, will be available shortly.

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